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For weddings, do you charge by hour?

No, we do not charge by hour.  We charge by event. Not all events will run on schedule.  Capturing all of those special moments is more important to us than rushing to finish by a certain time.

How much does it cost to get drone footage of our venue?

As long as a package is purchased, we do not charge extra for drone footage.  Due to certain conditions we feel that we are unable to charge for drone footage since it can't be guaranteed that we can use it.  The conditions are: 1) Time . 2) Weather and 3) Clear flight path

How will I recieve my video?

Depending on the package and what is agreed upon you may recieve your video either through an online download or on a USB flash drive.

Do you offer raw footage of my wedding?

I am sorry but we do not offer raw footage.  However, with our style of filming and editing you will have the main portion of your ceremony (vows and ring exchange) and all of your main reception speeches in real time.  We also try to use all of the best miscellanious clip throughout your video so there will be no reason to obtain the raw footage. 

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